Specialized Burn-in Systems :
  • ATS
  • Criteria
  • KES
  • MAX
  • IBIS
  • JEC
  • Ando
  • MTX
  • MCC
  • etc…

Burn-in Boards; Our Specialty

burn-inWith immersed experience in designing and manufacturing burn-in boards for more than 15 year (cumulative of more than 70 years), we specialize in producing reliable boards for quite a number of systems.

We possess full & vertically integrated capabilities in design, assembly and testing of its products. Our considerations include an array of aspects during the design phase including managing high frequency requirements.

Providing total engineering solutions for turnkey new product start-ups and developments, we are great partners to our customers. Once the designs are validated, our dedicated staffs will provide meticulous care in the manufacturing and assembly of the boards.

Majority of our application embraces microprocessors & microcontrollers, memory devices, analog & logic devices, power devices, fiber optic & opto-couplers and medical products. And our products are widely accepted in Asia Pacific, Europe and America.

Our commitment doesn’t stop at the delivery. We believe that our boards are of high-standard and quality; therefore we are always a phone call away. We are also committed in supporting in all testing and production requirements.


Types of Burn-in Boards
  • Programmable / Dedicated types Burn-In Boards.
  • Dynamic / Static types Burn-in Boards
  • Monitoring Burn-In types Burn-In Boards.
  • TDBI (Test During B/In) types Burn-In Boards.
  • PTB / Cycling Test Boards.
  • Modular Design Printed Boards.
  • Special Application Burn-In Boards (HAST, 85/85, THBT, Cycling) etc.
  • Universal Burn-In Boards & any other various specified types.