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Burn-In Board Clean System ~ Model CBIB 1000
  • Clear particle and dust on the sockets contact
  • Eliminate contact problem on the sockets
  • After each cleaning, BIB cleaner will reset the clean counter in BIB management server
  • Upon each loading, ALU will increase the counter by 1
  • ALU will rejected the BIB if the count reached a pre-determined setting
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  • Wide range of application and high reliability
  • High speed production
  • Wide range of application
  • Tray module is desigend by verticaland horizon
  • The function Of linkingLINKING
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Auto Tray to Tray to Tube Exchanger ~ Model ATTUE7100
  • Designed for an automatically equipment to replace a labor power to do Tray-Tray & Tray-Tube two-way exchange
  • Device minimum is 3X3 mm
  • CCD Inspection and Sorting function
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