By Brands

  • Suitable for BGA, LCC, QFP, CSP, TSOP
  • High Speed Tray to Tray/Tape Inspection System (typical 15,000 UPH)
  • Complete High Resolution with 6-sides Inspection platform
  • Completely Automatic output
  • Simple changeover
  • Fourth Generation AVS™ DefectZero Inspection
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SRD 3000
  • The SRD System is designed to remove & de-solder the BGA burn-in socket from BIB
  • Easy to operate
  • Remove & de-solder defective burn-in socket in one goal.
  • Heating timer can be set to prevent the PCB from over heated/stress
  • Consist of 3 preheat stages
  • 2 different mode of accessibility (operator & engineering)
  • Intelligence LOG
  • Changeable Nozzle kits to fit different size socket
  • Board ID can be set as HEX for JEC and ANDO; DEC for MAX and MTX
  • Flexibility of Burn-in Board layout design
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Peel Strength Analyzer System ~ TP-150i
  • Analyze strength of peel required for carrier tape
  • User friendly platform
  • Shows individual Pass/Fail criteria for each measurement and statistical calculation
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Manual Taping System ~ MT-50i
  • Simple keypad and easy to read alphanumeric display for input of production counters
  • Tool-less changeover
  • Single, adjustable seal head accommodates any tape size and pocket geometry and can bond both heat sealable and pressure sensitive (PSA) tapes
  • Stepper motor drive insures an accurate part count
  • Multi-mode sealing provides Continuous, Reciprocating and Intermittent selection
  • Full and empty pocket verification
  • Optional in-tape 2D inspection featuring AVS™ software and dual-axis LED lighting
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