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Peel Strength Analyzer System ~ TP-150i
  • Analyze strength of peel required for carrier tape
  • User friendly platform
  • Shows individual Pass/Fail criteria for each measurement and statistical calculation
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ESD & Latch-up Tester ~ Model 7000 Series
  • Allows ESD(HBM and MM) and Latch-up Tests
  • Meets JEDEC, MIL, ESD Association and EIAJ standards, as well as future standards
  • Drastic Test Time Reduction
  • True constant current pulse and fast pulsed power supply
  • Stabilizes DUT by pull-up/down and pattern generator
  • Collects detail test results quickly by auto or manual operation
  • Allows temperature coefficient test
  • Minimum path resistance of power supplies
  • Damage detection between tests
  • Discharge between zap(s)
  • Tests multiple DUT, multiple supply DUT and LCD drivers
  • Function test available
  • Low insertion force connectors on DUT board
  • Complete diagnostics and easy maintenance
  • Connectable with Ethernet
  • Allows data manipulation by the data base program

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CDM Test System ~ CDM-550Series
  • Field induced CDM via relay
  • Stable and repeatable
  • Current measurement at DUT pin side
  • Coulomb measurement up to 100nC
  • Simple pin positioning
  • Automated test up to 10 DUT’s
  • Measure damage voltage or energy
  • Waveform Test results available to the production
  • Fully automated CDM test
  • Automatic test of VQFP and UQFP
  • Test results handled by data base
  • Test results transferred via LAN

ECDM Test System - ECDM-100E/400E Series
6 Functions in a Compact Bench Top Unit
  • Field Induced CDM
  • Direct Charging CDM
  • HBM, Human Body Model
  • MM, Machine Model
  • TLP, Pulse Curve Measurement
  • Mobile Charge Measurement

Meets MIL, JEDEC or JEITA standards

ESD simulation at a low cost.

ECDM 400S – Wafer Platform
  • ESD Performance Test from Wafer to package
  • Meets MIL, JEDEC or JEITA standards
  • Able to perform HBM, MM, FI-CDM and D-CDM tests
  • Process Monitoring by periodical wafer test
  • Allows correlation test between die location and ESD performance
  • Multiple return allows ESD current path verification
  • Enables rapid ESD performance test of new devices
  • Decreases device development time
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ESD Event Detector ~ EV-10A
  • ESD Detection:Higher sensitivity, Broader BW
  • Detect Field Induction (DCI) Threat
  • PC logs data from multiple Units
  • Digitized measurement
  • Temperature and humidity monitor
  • Both ESD and DCI detected simultaneously
  • Electromagnetic wave generated by the ESD is received by the monopole antenna, amplified then peak value is measured.
  • ESD polarity is decided whichever greater, positive or negative peak.
  • Detection level: 1mV – 35mV at antenna
  • Detected band width:About up to 2GHz
  • Distance from ESD source: About 5 meters